Saturday, 11 May 2013

A shiny new toy.

When a child receives a new toy, they are excited.  It is the best feeling in the word providing this joy to any child, be it your own or others. Sometimes the child also becomes obsessed with the toy.  It has to be with all the time, almost 24/7. They can’t get enough of their toy; sometimes they won’t even eat or sleep without having the toy near.

I have something new in my life it is a new and close friendship one that I feel completely blessed for having, and I feel like a child with a new toy.  I’m waiting for the whole “It is new and shiny” feeling to go away, for the toy in this regard to be broken. To date this has not happened and at the age of 35 I have never had this kind of friendship before…where I have become very close very quick and I have not done something to stuff it all up.

In my past I have allowed myself to get hurt with new friendships…allowed myself?

Yes I get emotionally involved; because I cherish all my friendships and I give my heart out to others to fulfil rather than fulfil my heart on my own…see it all stems from my own self-worth!

I knew I was going somewhere with this post!

I also know that if I wait for something long enough then eventually either I or the universe will provide or eventually make it happen.

So I have decided that I’m sick of waiting, I am actually not going to allow anything to stuff up this shiny new friendship…who knows how long it will last and I pray that it is for a very long time. I’m not going to worry about the expiry date and I’m not going to give this shiny new person the responsibility of boosting my self-worth.

I’m secure in the knowledge that I have found (or have been blessed with receiving) this very rare friend indeed.  Where not only am I completely 100% honest, but I am secure in the knowledge that my friendship to them is treasured just as much as theirs is for.

I have never met someone who has accepted me 100% as me and has not tried to change any aspect of myself. Not even my own husband accepted me fully.

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