Tuesday, 16 May 2006


16th of May 1976 was the date and year of my birth. I turn 30 today, do I feel different? No, do I feel 30? No. It is almost just like another day.

I have no big plans to celebrate today, which my sister has given me non-stop grief. I don’t feel in the mood to celebrate with many people. I’m happy to celebrate with my husband on our own. After last years fiasco with G and Zs celebrations of my Birthday going haywire. I didn’t feel the need for a repeat.

The many past Birthday wishes have been answered and I couldn’t think of wanting anything else than being pregnant with my first baby on this day. That is the entire gift that I needed or wanted, I’m happy with having this little somersaulting miracle in my belly.

I wonder if anyone else has felt this way before.

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