Wednesday, 3 December 2008

After 9 years of service

My position has been made redundant.

How do I feel?

I'm very very happy, the payout that I will be receiving means that I can be a full time Mum whilst still supporting my family.

It does mean that we will not be building our new house and we will be staying put. I'm ok with that, there was no guarantee that we would sell this house, so there was no guarantee that we would ever have built our new one.

Now the decision has been made and we can relax and concentrate on preparing our current home for the babies.

Whilst I'm happy, I'm also sad to say goodbye to all my friends at work.

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  1. You sound very comfortable with the twist of fate about your job. You'll soon be busy enough as a mom of twins! Congrats on 26 weeks.
    Kelly at