Thursday, 18 December 2008

Send Off

I decided to leave work earlier as appointments and other engagements were starting to pile up on me. Plus it didn’t effect the pay out that I would be receiving.

As there are a number of people leaving the department there was one lunch organised for all 4 of us, the turn was pretty big approx 50 people and it was good to see some of my old friends for other departments.

The only down side to the afternoon was receiving a phone call from Day Care saying that Jordy had been ill and could I please come and pick him up. Tim couldn’t sign off and pick him up and I was on my way a lunch that was partially for me. My Mum was not available and my MIL has no car seat.

In the end I was able to eat and say my speech which was rushed and I had received another call that he was really not well.

I felt bad for leaving so quickly but there is nothing I can do about a sick child. The good thing about gastro (yes there is a good thing) is that it only lasts 24 hours.

I requested that any gift being bought for my farewell be purchased for the babies. This is what I received:

Two photo albums, some funky socks and clothes.
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