Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Here is the bucket....

Jordan has been ill with gastro a number of times, actually I’ve lost count but this is what you get from Child Care. We have an old ice cream container that we use to help in this instance and we call it the bucket. We ask Jordy if he is sick and “do you need the bucket”, he has now associated that bucket with vomiting.

Side bar: this hasn’t started out as a nice post but stay with me as I want to explain what happened yesterday.

As mentioned in my post yesterday I was home alone with Jordy and I was really trying not to push myself, however half an hour before Tim came home I was in a lot of pain. Not Braxton hicks or contractions but a cramp on my right side just below my belly button. I knew that it wasn’t practice or real labour as the pain was constant and did not come and go in waves.

As soon as Tim arrived home I went to lie down in bed to try to relax. With a 2 year old, firstly you don’t get any privacy nor quiet time. So Jordy came into the room and asked in Mummy was sick.

I tried to explain that I was in pain and just needed to lie down, but it was easier to say “Yes Mummy is sick”. He climbed up onto the bed and leaned over and gave me a few little kisses on the cheek and then rushed off.

The next thing I hear is Tim say “Where are you taking that?” and the reply “Mummy sick need bucket”.

My little helpful man ran off to get the vomit bucket to give to me to use as I was sick and needed the bucket, and then proceeded to show me how to use it and insisted that I give the bucket a go!

How cute is that?

I’ve been reluctant to take too much Panadol for the pain, but really needed to yesterday as it was coming up to an hour of suffering from the ligament cramp. 15 minutes after taking Panadol the cramp went away and “Mummy was all better”.

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