Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Was the universe trying to tell me something?

I recently had surgery it was unexpected, unplanned. But I have to wonder if the universe was telling me something that I may not have been ready to hear or ready to acknowledge.

You know how you sometimes hear about stories where peoples life is heading down a path and the universe, god may give these people a little nudge.  These people ignore that nudge and then the noise gets louder until one day something really drastic happens and the universe says “See I told you to take notice, now you have no choice”.

This happened to my dear cousin Imi, he lives in Hungary and is now forever in a wheel chair.  He admits now that he was a workaholic, a few months before his life altering accident my cousin got very ill with pneumonia and this is a guy that never ever caught a cold. He was the absent father, he would be up at like 4am and then back at home after dark 6 sometimes 7 days a week.  He would travel from Hungary to Austria everyday where the pay was better.

Imi’s wife begged him to slow down after the pneumonia but he didn’t.  His occupation was a foreman on those huge big construction sites. On that fateful day he fell from the top of the building and broke his lower back. I took the loss both his legs to make him stop and realise that work, money was not everything and not the meaning of life.

So I have to wonder if this whole surgery was the universes way of saying “Um Mari, you need to stop and take notice.  Mari you need to stop!!”

My husband had already started calling me a workaholic with the amount of hours I was spending at work.  I was able to easily justify all the hours saying that we needed the money to help with the bills. But seriously who am I deluding?

I was and still am so caught up with my work that even from my hospital bed I was checking my work emails. I even went back to work earlier than my doctor’s orders, you see in my mind I had valid reasons for this return and it was nothing to do with the money. 

Dear universe I heard you loud and clear, I will start to put myself and family before work. I heard you loud and clear!

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