Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What is my passion?

On the weekend just passed I went to my first ever concert and it was just awesome.  I had goose bumps all throughout the performance.
The next morning I was still with my group of friends and one in particular was saying how she was just amazed at the passion the band showed on stage.

So then we went around the table asking each other what they are most passionate about in their life.  I had already talked about my love of writing this blog and my still unfinished stories. My friend assumed that this was my passion.

But as I was sitting there on Sunday morning hung over looking out on a beautiful Melbourne I started to wonder “What is my passion?”, “What am I most passionate about my life?”

I was stumped, I had no idea and I still don’t, this is why I writing this post.

The things that came to mind when thinking about my passions were:
·         My kids and family
·         My best friends
·         Writing my blog and my stories
·         Reading all types of books
·         My job
·         Painting
·         Sewing
·         Dancing
·         Music
·         Gardening
·         Travelling whether it is camping or travelling in style
·         Photography
·         Nature whether it is mountains the ocean
·         History
·         My Hungarian heritage

I had to wonder though as I mentally made this list if the most important thing I should be passionate about is me.

This one thought kept on going through my mind and it would not leave me alone.

I don’t know if that is the right answer because at this moment it does not sit well with me and think that it is because I’m still not “there” yet.  What is “there”? It is reaching a clear understanding of who I am and appreciating myself and feeling completely worthy.

Out of the list above though is it so hard to choose, my kids and my family will always be in my life and I think that my passion should be about me personally.

When I think about Gardening, nature, camping & photography they can be grouped “Nature”. Anything that relates to Nature takes my breath away.  The most peaceful times in my life have been me sitting somewhere outside in a valley between two mountains, next to a creek, next to a lake on a beach, in a boat on the middle of the lake or sea. It doesn’t really matter where I am I just sit and I all the beauty.

So whilst my gut feeling says that Nature is my passion in life.  I think that my heart is telling me that my passion should be me, maybe one day soon it will be.

For those that stop by and read this blog, firstly thank you and secondly why do you share with me “What is your passion in life?”

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