Friday, 16 September 2005

Over reacting...a bit?

I just re-read my post and am wondering if I’m over reacting about the things mentioned. My adopted philosophy (or the one that I use…sometimes) is: “Will this matter in a year from now?” Umm…well no. Then I should just get over these little insignificant things and move on.


  1. I agree with Bugsy. You say what you feel! Otherwise it will just eat away at your insides.

    Have you ever tried telling your sister how you feel? I like you hate confrontation, but one day I just snapped at my sister and it was the best thing I have ever done. Now she waits for me to tell and doesn't ask anything except how I am.

  2. Venting is good for the soul, and the blood pressure. I'd be more worried if you didnt occasionally vent about this stuff.

    Its good to try and keep things in perspective with the "will this matter a year (or an hundred years) from now." Ultimately, nothing matters anyway, but that doesnt mean that it still cant piss you off now.