Monday, 19 September 2005

What I hate

I hate that I earn more than Tim; it means that I have to go back to work earlier after our (yet to be conceived) baby is born

I hate Monday and Wednesday nights, Tim is not at home and it is too quiet.

I hate that I have to inject myself on the nights that Tim is at school.

I hate that I have bruises on my tummy because I can’t inject myself nicely.

I hate that Tim doesn’t take me to Clayton Monash IVF on my blood test mornings anymore.

I hate that I have to be in at work today when I feel shit.

I hate that I don’t have any motivation to do any work today.

I hate that I’ve gone through 3 gonal-f pens without any sign of ovulation.

I hate that the Business have not taken time to read my Design document yet I’m expected to give quality feedback the first morning I arrived back from leave.

I hate the fact that I did give the feedback.

I hate that G earns so much money for doing nothing and gets away with it, I hate that he can claim his fucking 4WD on Tax when he takes the tram to work and gets away with it. (Just the green monster showing herself, but if I’m writing all the things that I hate, I may as well mention this one too).

I hate that I miss G and Zs more than they miss us.

I hate that MIL was all happy that SIL had her baby scan and how excited she is.

I hate that SIL feel pg before I did and I’ve been trying a lot longer than her.

I hate the years that I wasted on BCP and not TTC.

I hate that I’ve lost so many Bobims.

I hate the words, “Chemical Pregnancy”.

Tomorrow I shall do a “What I love” post.


  1. Oh mate,

    I hear you. I hate that you feel this way and that life is so cruel. I hate that the powers that be haven't given you your Bobim yet.

    Take care.

    I have one thing to add to your I Love list (before you even do it!)... The great friends we make on this horrid journey!

  2. I think the one that strikes the biggest chord with me is "I hate the years I wasted on BCP and not TTC". That's my biggest regret too - that I didn't find out years ago that I have HA - maybe if I hadn't been on bcp it would have regulated itself over the years and I wouldn't be here. If I have a daughter, I will definitely encourage her to understand her body and its cycles before going on bcp - if she does that at all.

    P.S. Results from today?