Monday, 17 March 2014

The Secret Garden

In an attempt to absorb self-healing messages, I’m reading ‘The Power of Now’ (by Eckhart Tolle), ‘E-Squared’ (by Pam Gout), ‘I can see clearly now’ (by Dr Wayne Dyer) and ‘The Magic’ (by Rhonda Byrne) all at once. As I am reading these I’m also being inspired to make changes along the way.

I feel as though I am bombarding myself with messages and inspiration from different sources and confusing myself at the same time.  I decided to stick with one book from a Genre and complete it before moving on.

One of the fascinating lessons I recently learnt and implemented was from ‘I can see clearly now’, where Dr Wayne Dyer is talking about ‘The Secret Garden’, and how every afternoon at school the teacher would read from the book. Dyer then goes onto explain how that book left a lasting impression on his imagination and how he would often dream imagine being in his own version of the secret garden.

Inspired, I obtained a copy of the movie ‘The Secret Garden (1993)’ one that I remember watching as a child.  Recently I introduced this movie to my children, and we all fell in love. Our favourite scene was:
Colin: Are you making this magic?
Mary: No, you are.
Colin: Just like in the story.
Colin: It's like the whole universe is in here.[Pointing to his chest]
Mary: I'm certain it is.
Colin: That means I could marry you.
Mary: What? But we're cousins!
Colin: I don't care. I want us always to be together.
Mary: We are together.

If you look past the innocent yet incestuous part of the dialogue above, there is a powerful message.  ‘The whole universe is inside us’. I stopped movie at this point and discussed the meaning of those words and my kids got it.  They understood the meaning!

After the movie was over and I was cuddling my twins who were crying because they loved the ending, I asked them “Where is the universe” and all three of them pointed to their chest near their heart and confidentially said “Right here Mummy”.

Thank you Dr Wayne Dyer for inspiring me to bring this movie / book / lesson back into my life, it may have taken me 37 years to ‘get the message’ but I did and more importantly my children know.  

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