Monday, 13 November 2006

The Dr spills

I saw the surgeon late last week and he removed the staples…all I can say is oooch. He checked me over and we discussed the details of the surgery. He mentioned that this particular surgery took 5 years off his life…because of the amount of blood.

I don’t want to dramatise my experience or dwell on what happened, but apparently I came very close, so very close to the edge of no return. He skimmed over the details and cryptically said that if I was not in that hospital and didn’t have the experience in the room then the surgery could’ve had disastrous consequences, basically I could’ve died.

So how does that make me feel? Guilty, when I woke and I got my bearings, I still could not help feel a great sense of guilt….yes guilt…for putting my needs (to have this surgery) before Jordan’s and then having been told that I came close to dieing makes my guilt even worse. Buy I’m working through this guilt…and if anything what I do is just shower Jordan with as much love and attention that I can give.

Tim surprisingly coped really well with looking after Jordan, he didn’t want any help from my mother or his mother…he wanted to do things on his own. His motto was that if I could do it then he could as well. The best thing about all of this…is that Tim and I are now both on the same page with him…we both “know” his signs and he has bonded totally with his son.

Ok I’m sick of talking about myself so here are some new photo’s of my boy. This is the way Jordan sucks his thumb.

This will be Jordan's outfit for his Christening, I thought that I should try it on him before I wash it and cut off the tags...what do you think?

Finally I managed to take a photo of his beautiful full faced smile!

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  1. Oh Mari,

    I have to say I am so very thankful that you did have the right level of doctors in the room and so very thankful that you are here today to tell us about it. incredible!

    Jordan is so handsome. I love his christening outfit - it is just beautiful. Every time I look at him I know why I am still on this quest - why I haven't just given up. Thank you for sharing him with us. We are truly blessed.

  2. He's such a gorgeous little guy. I love him in his Christening outfit. It's really pretty but definitely in a macho kinda way. :)

    And I'm glad you're okay and I'm really glad you and Tim are on the same page with the little guy. Although it was a rough time, I'd imagine Tim must be pretty proud of himself for being such a good Daddy while you had to take care of your health.

  3. Oh my goodness, I haven't checked in for a while so didn't know about how traumatic your surgery was. I'm so glad you're okay and had excellent care. What an ordeal to go through so soon after childbirth.

    Your Jordan is so beautiful! What a happy little boy. I have my own Jordan only a couple of weeks younger (though born preterm) and I hope I get some smile photos as awesome as this one in a few weeks.

  4. No guilt!!! You needed the surgery, it's not as if it was a boob job or something else cosmetic. You had your gall bladder removed. Not.Your.Choice.

    You are a great mom, and taking care of yourself as well as Jordan is the right thing to do!

    I love the way he sucks his thumb, that is so totally cute :-)

  5. Mari.
    Stop it.
    Stop right now.
    Looking at that much sweetness has turned my brain to mush.

    He is exquisite.

    PS:Scary surgery details. Holy sheeet.

  6. Three months??? How is it that I have missed the arrival of this GORGEOUS little man?

    Oh yeh, I know...looking after a baby!

    He is divine, simply divine.