Tuesday, 29 January 2013

To be healthy and happy with my weight

These two goals for 2013 are linked and the last ones that I want to set. They are not the toughest but they are linked to so many different aspects of me.

I am obese, this is true. I am not just over weight but I am morbidly obese.

It is time that I lay it all out on the line and not hide away from the reality, I have never done this before and my gut just behind my belly button is tight because I am nervous.

Here are my details

I am 161cm tall and weight 120kg’s.

My ideal weight according to the calculators is 65kg, but this is not what I am aiming for.

My goal for 2013 is to drop below 100kg’s.

Phew well that was not hard at all really!


As I mentioned above my health and weight are all linked. I have PCOS’s therefore I do have a regular period.  My hormones are imbalanced and I have low self-esteem.  It is all linked, all of IT.  When I was pregnant both times I lost weight, simply because my hormones were working.  I didn’t change my eating habits at all.  But I lost weight.  I strongly believe that if I my hormones are working correctly then I will lose weight.

So why don’t I just go onto the contraceptive pill? The answer to that is I have tried the lightest dosage and found to suffer severely from migraines.

In August 2011 I found a website (link here) that claims that they PCOS symptoms can be reversed with the help of herbal supplements, diet and exercise.  This is exactly what I want to get back to be doing.  When I was regularly taking these pills my period came back.  I was losing weight without changing much of my diet.

In 2013 I will be doing:
. Start taking the Insulite  supplements
. Address my hormone imbalance with my diet
. Reading all books on PCOS.
. Finding my motivation team
. Loose 21kgs!

Finding my motivation team might seem as a weird thing to put down. In the past I have tried to do this all by myself and have not succeeded.  This time I need to surround myself with people that I know  and people that will not judge me that will support me through this journey.  I need encouragement and NOT judgement.  I need support and not criticism.  I deserve all this simply because I am Mari and I am determined to become healthy for myself.

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