Friday, 25 January 2013

To nurture the friendships I have in order to ensure that they are lifelong.

How do I even begin to measure this at the end of this year? I mean how can you measure if something has been correctly nurtured? I don’t know.

Perhaps what is takes is for me to have some goals so I can measure if I have met this Resolution.

When I think of the word nurture I think the different types of nurturing someone can do. The nurturing of a baby, and the nurturing of a garden.

The most important things a baby needs to thrive is:
. Love (unconditional love, cuddles and affection)
. Sleep (times to relax and rest)
. Food (in the form of breast milk or formula)
. Care (changing of nappies, bathing)

With a garden the most important things that it needs to thrive are:
. Good soil (a solid foundation that helps the plants to grow)
. All the 4 elements,( light, water, air and earth)
. Fertiliser (nourishment)

Like a friendship I believe that it requires certain things in order for it to thrive, perhaps these are expectations, not sure:
. Respect
. Loyalty
. Honesty
. Acceptance
. Unconditional Love

I have noticed of late that I seem to be waiting all the time, waiting for people to come and see me.

I will no longer wait and I am going to try to take more control of what happens in my life:
. Get in touch with my friends, at least once a week. Phone call, text or email.
. Ensure that I see my friends once a month or quarter
. Try to share more without having to be “asked” first

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