Sunday, 3 July 2005

A spanner

One of my favourite all time sayings is “A spanner in the works”, I don’t know where it originated but I use it all the time even at work. I guess that it means that when you think life, or a project is going smoothly a spanner gets thrown in, sometimes just to see how the project / people handle the situation and overcome the obstacles. Other times I think that life is just testing your strength, possibly character building?

This post has been named spanner as Mimi and I have been thrown a pretty huge spanner into our machine known as life. Last Friday, Mimi was told that the company was bought out by another company looking to acquire the Melbourne office. We weren’t that nervous as we figured that Mimi being the only one looking after the warehouse he would be set.

Monday they were told to write a letter detailing their jobs and duties. So being a good wife who knows how to sell on paper (as I do it almost everyday). I wrote Mimi’s letter with the confidence that the ‘new’ people would be blown away. Tuesday Mimi comes home to tell me that he didn’t get a position. Consequently that night we were going to an information session at a Computer institute as Mimi was thinking about a career change.

Wednesday Mimi gets told that he will be receiving a package including the full entitlements for the duration of his time at the company. The sum of money is irrelevant but we were a bit gobsmacked.

I feel as though I’ve lost control of my life and am starting to question just about everything, priorities, work, life, future, money and Mimi’s career. He has decided to go and do a Diploma at the Computer institute, which we really can’t afford to do on the one wage, especially as I’m on part time rates.

Luckily Mimi can go and work casually however it relies on the company calling Mimi and is unreliable. Times are changing with the uncertainty, I’m going to have to go back to full time working hours, which I knew that I would have to, but I always had this vision that it would be when I was pregnant or really ready.

I’m worried really worried, about the bills, mortgage and now the school fees, in the long term it will be worth while and it will mean a better job, more money in our pockets and the opportunity for me to stay home when bobim arrives. ATM I would have to go back to work as I earn the most. What I’m really worried about is that in August I will be seeing Dr New and I’m looking to start treatment ASAP, I’m terrified that we will not be able to afford an OI cycle.

Bobim is still our highest priority and I can’t help feel that she/he has been put on hold by this spanner in the works.

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  1. I share your worries about money and paying for treatments. I'm terrified of going into debt for a baby and my husband getting all stressed. We are looking to move pack to Australia and we'll both have to find jobs. It terrifies me...more than having a baby. Hope it works out. I find that things always have a way of working out and our worst fears are usually not realised.