Tuesday, 12 July 2005


A few years ago I met a girl at my work that I thought that I would never really be friends with. You know the type, the really weird girl with bad dress sense that floats around the office dropping sarcastic comments that no one really understands.

But something about this girl drew me to her and I started chatting to her on the train rides home. I then found out that we had a lot of things in common. We both read Sci-Fi books, played the same PC games, loved the same TV shows and movies.

Then one day on the way home I was questioned as to how many PC’s we have in the household compared to people, either working or non working. At the time I think the ration was 4:2 PC’s to people. The reaction I got was one that I didn’t expect:
“Just as I thought…you are a geek” she said whilst nodding her head.

Now being Mari I took it the wrong way and was very hurt by that comment. “Me a GEEK…NEVER”.

But this person whom also labeled herself as a Geek, loved the label thrived on being called that, this person whilst in my life for a short time, touched it profoundly. I know that I’m not full a pledged Geek member yet, but I love this part about myself.

So my question is to the people that read this…do you consider yourself a geek?


  1. Absolutely. No question about it.

    Had to leave lurkdom to share my geekiness with the world. Glad you could join us!

  2. I'm not a geek but I do not discriminate. I have geek friends and also, a deep admiration for all things geek, including their passion for things like computers, comic books etc.

  3. I will stand with head held high and proclaim "I AM A GEEK"

    I even achieved 71% - mid-level nerd on the Nerd Test.

    Thank you. Thank you. Yes, its my proudest moment.