Sunday, 24 July 2005

In comes Mr Mas

We went a saw the naturopath Thursday night, I shall call him Mr Mas or Mas. What started out as an initial consultation for me being half hour to 45 minutes ended up being a 2 hour visit.

Both of us are taking herbs that I’m sure have deliberately been made to make you gag just by the smell. I’m on two different tablets, a tincture that is absolutely disgusting and flower essence. Mimi is on one tablet, zinc drops and a tincture mixture as well.

I have to write a full Medical history about myself, my mum and my sister and provide a Diet diary for a week. We are seeing Mas again on Thursday.


  1. Wherabouts in Melbourne is the naturopath?

  2. The naturopath is in Hampton, I found this website very useful looking for 'alternative' therapies in Melbourne:

  3. Why, oh why do the herbal drops have to taste so awful??It takes every ounce of willpower to swallow that stinky crap! BUT whatever it takes, huh? We subject ourselves to all sorts of "Yuck" in this pursuit.

  4. darls - that sounds really positive. Despite the fact that they smell bad, and probably taste worse, something is happening. Yay.

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday. take care sweets

  5. Hi Sweetie - I hope you are having a great break. I am thinking of you.