Monday, 3 February 2014

Throw away stone

I struggle with negative thoughts, I am sure that most of you do, here is what a new friend told me to do, and the beautiful Daniela expanded the ritual for me: 

  1. Find a common rock, pebble, stone whatever appeals to you
  2. Sit down in a quiet place
  3. Breath deeply in and out
  4. Hold the rock in your hand and concentrate on the negative thought.
  5. Focus that negative thought into the rock – for me I imagined all the negative thoughts and feels associated was gathered in a black cloud and then I imagined that cloud moving from my head down my arm into my hand and then eventually into the rock. 
  6. Once you feel as though all the negative vibes of that person or event has gone, then place the rock in water.
  7. Go to the garden with the water in the rock and firstly thank the water for absorbing the energy and then sprinkle the water onto a plant
  8. Take the rock out and place it in the garden, whilst thanking the rock for taking the negative energy away from you. 
You need to repeat the above steps the same time every day for a month.  I did this last night and I felt the rock getting really hot. It was amazing to feel.  Now when I think of that person I do not feel anything.  No despair, no sadness nothing.

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